The success of any country depends on the effectiveness of state power.
The more effective the government, the better all the country's citizens live.

According to the level of efficiency of the government, Ukraine ranks 115th in the world. That is why the GDP and standard of living in Ukraine is very low, despite the fact that Ukraine has everything necessary for prosperity – a favorable geographical location, natural resources, infrastructure, well-educated and hard-working people and more.

Therefore, the main goal of the Institute is to help improve the efficiency of state power in Ukraine.

How exactly will the Institute do this?

The effectiveness of state power depends on the quality of the decisions it makes and the quality of the people who hold and make these decisions.

Accordingly, the Institute will work in two main areas:

Finding effective solutions

  • Search and study of effective solutions from the experience of the most successful countries in the world, and especially Singapore, which ranks 1st in the ranking of the effectiveness of state power in the world.
  • Analysis and systematization by areas of application of effective solutions (mechanisms) from the experience of the most successful countries.
  • Popularization of the experience of the most successful countries in solving state problems and development.
  • Creating an action plan for building a successful Ukraine, systematized by areas of application and using examples from the experience of the most successful countries in the world and the original ideas of our experts

Search for effective people

  • Formulation of requirements for candidates for high government positions
  • Creating a personnel reserve by finding the people who best meet the requirements of the principle of meritocracy
  • Training of interested persons in effective public administration through educational activities (School of Public Administration Effectiveness)
  • Assessment of politicians and high-ranking officials for compliance with the requirements
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of politicians and senior officials by evaluating their decisions
  • Formation of efficiency ratings of public officials of Ukraine

We plan to hold round tables and conferences to discuss the thematic blocks of the action plan (eg external security, corruption, de-oligarchization, judiciary, tax system, industry, energy, etc.), as well as personnel policy, publish articles, take and give interviews on these topics.

We will also facilitate the translation and publication of new books on the Institute’s research and reprint of already translated ones.

These are our plans, which we will gradually implement as much as possible.

If you have ideas, ready to help or participate in the implementation of these plans, write to us. We are also open to cooperation with organizations that have similar / related goals and objectives. If you are a representative of such an organization and believe that our cooperation can benefit Ukraine, write to us.